Beth israel deaconess medical center - a teaching hospital of harvard medical school skip to navigation skip to site tools home > your health > diseases & conditions: a-z fact sheets > crohns disease > inflammatory bowel disease inflammatory bowel disease by diana kohnle en espaã±ol (spanish version) definition | causes | risk factors | symptoms | diagnosis | treatment | prevention definition inflammatory bowel disease (ibd) is the term used for a group of diseases and disorders that affect the intestinal tract. viagra for cheap Ibd causes the intestines to become inflamed and irritated. cheap viagra generic Ibd is a lifelong illness that can be difficult to control. viagra vs viagra qual o melhor Side effects viagra men women The two forms of of ibd are: crohn's disease ulcerative colitis there is no cure for ibd. Viagra scary movie italy cost viagra for daily use But, treatments can help control symptoms. discount generic viagra how to buy generic viagra While patients may temporarily recover and not experience any symptoms, recurring flare-ups are common. much does viagra cost canada cheap online sales viagra Causes the exact causes of ibd are unknown, but some hypotheses include: heredity (having another family member with ibd) reaction to a virus or bacteria that damages the colon and rectum compromised immune system or infection that affects the immune system ibd is not a contagious infection. generic viagra usa to usa what is the best viagra viagra or viagra It cannot be passed from person to person. discount viagra generic viagra lowest prices Risk factors the following factors increase your chance of developing ibd: having a family member with ibd being caucasian or of northern european ancestry being of jewish ancestry (increases the risk of certain types of ibd) having problems with the immune system symptoms symptoms depend on the type of ibd, but common symptoms may include: abdominal pain and cramping diarrhea weight loss and loss of appetite bleeding from the intestines ulcers in the intestines inflammation of the rectum draining around the rectum bloating or feeling of fullness gas bloody diarrhea abdominal sounds (eg, gurgling) nausea and vomiting joint pain diagnosis your doctor will ask about your symptoms and medical history, and do a physical exam. buy viagra on online ordering generic viagra in canada Tests may include: upper gi endoscopy —a thin, lighted tube inserted down the throat to examine the upper part of the intestines colonoscopy —a thin, lighted tube inserted through the rectum a. buy viagra paypal accepted cost viagra for daily use cost viagra for daily use