Learning center patient stories contact us   home     for patients     for caregivers     surgeon finder     valve clinics     blog     community     book     about us   subscribe for free adam's latest posts get rss about adam pick home > adam's blog heart valve surgery patient & author, adam pick blogs about heart valve replacement & repair surgery watch adam's video   surgeon q&a video: “is it common to have a murmur after heart valve surgery? ” asks kerrigan october 1st, 2012 i recently received a great question from kerrigan about heart murmurs after heart valve surgery. In his email, kerrigan writes, “hi adam – i had aortic valve replacement with a porcine valve three years ago. buy viagra without prescription Since the valve replacement, i’ve had a detectible murmur that has not changed since the first, post-op baseline echocardiogram. Is it common to have a murmur after heart valve surgery? viagra 2.5mg generic ” to answer kerrigan’s question, i met with dr. cheap viagra Luis castro, the medical director of sequoia heart institute. During his career, dr. Castro has performed over 3,000 heart valve procedures. happens women take mens viagra You can see the highlights of our discussion in this video. viagra super active 100mg pills For the patients in our community who are hearing impaired, i have provided a transcript below. I hope this video helped kerrigan (and perhaps you) learn a little more about heart murmurs after valve surgery. Continue reading this post »   seminar update: thanks to dr. Khan, alta bates summit and ted for a great night in oakland! viagra coupon October 1st, 2012 good news! viagra in canada for sale The educational seminar i recently spoke at went great. The seminar, “for people with heart murmurs”, was well attended and very interactive. generic viagra without prescription After i shared my story, dr. cheapest viagra 100mg Junaid khan provided the patients an overview of heart murmurs and the common forms of heart valve disease including mitral regurgitation and aortic stenosis. generic viagra canada Doctor khan then discussed the different types of heart valve therapies. In closing, dr. Khan shared some very interesting data about newer surgical techniques including minimally invasive approaches using port-access (also known as mini-thoracotomy) and transcatheter aortic valve implantation (tavi). Continue reading this post »   tech update: perceval sutureless heart valve replacement gets ce mark for extended indications october 1st, 2012 in case you missed it… the sorin group, a leading manufacturer of heart valve replacement devices, recently announced that its perceval sutureless heart valve replacement device received a ce mark for extended indic.